Welcoming Dr. Pavlo Balabanov to the diamond revolution!

Straight from the plains of Ukraine comes a man with unbound knowledge in all things material, a true specialist in mechanical engineering that is Dr. Balabanov. Our newest addition to the team and an integral stepping stone towards the creation of another brand new department called “Cubic Solutions”. Dr. Balabanovs expertise lies within the technology of high-pressure high-temperature equipment and the research of it.

The amount of work across more than two decades has lead Dr. Balabanov to the very depths of scientific development of the equipment necessary in the creation of superhard materials which is why EcoDiamond solely believes that this addition to the team will work as a major push towards HPHT research progress. Dr. Balabanov is a decorated PhD in Material Science and is no stranger to diamond growing and analysis, with the passion for research he is a perfect fit for the team in helping to push the volume of the EcoDiamond production.

EcoDiamond has been working with BARS technology and is now developing a strategy to work on a different target. The newly found division “Cubic Solutions” will work with multi-anvil technology which provides much higher working volume. Since diamonds are not the only material made under high-pressure conditions, EcoDiamond has set its crosshair on further research in the field.

“The number of such modifications as they reach ever higher pressures is continuously increasing. This opens up great opportunities for creating new materials, including stable ones under normal conditions.” – Dr. Balabanov

Dr. Balabanov´s research is estimated to begin from January of 2021 as well as the necessary machinery will be arriving at the same time.

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