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Our life is comprised of milestones – the most important moments of all. A milestone has a bit of everything – tears, laughter, a lifelong meaning, and, most of all, a beautiful memory surrounding it. These moments stay afloat in our subconscious minds, wanting desperately to be immortalized and carried into the physical world. These moments are destined to be celebrated. We encourage people to celebrate their lives by creating memories that last longer than just a lifetime. Legacies that last forever, encapsulated in a form of an infinite diamond, made for a lasting future far beyond your years.

While humanity still struggles to turn water in to wine, EcoDiamond sparks magic out of pure science. We are alchemists, using nature’s complex codes to turn memories into breath-taking keepsakes. Anything worth keeping forever – the feeling of walking down the aisle, the birth of a child, or a long-awaited pilgrimage around the world – can now be captured in a container that lasts forever and made specifically for you. We all have these milestones, these unforgettable relics of self-history that we cherish. They now be more than just memories – they can come into the real world in their raw and beautiful, completely customizable form.

In March 2019 we announced:
“By the end of 2019, we will be finalizing the technology for a full cycle of carbon extraction, to adapt it to our innovating system. At that point, we will be able to extract graphite from the carbon compound and add it to the growing process of the diamond.”
We are proud to announce that we achieved our goal and have finished the technology! In January 2020, we found a new company called Infinite Graphite™ by EcoDiamond. We are offering all our customers an entire Infinite Diamond® production cycle from our factory, without any intermediator or outsourcing.

Obtaining graphite from biomaterials, is carried out under one roof – at EcoDiamond headquarters by Infinite Graphite™ division using EcoDiamond Infinite Graphite™ technology. This allows not only to control the quality of graphite used in the growth process and reduce overall production time, but also customize the experience from the very beginning for each customer.

Memories fade, but a diamond is here to stay.

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EcoDiamond for tech

As science rapidly advances, diamond and tech’s relationship evolves stronger by the day. Typically, one visualizes diamonds as the ultimate piece of luxury, but the actual functionality of the element is far more than just its looks. There is a reason why tech industries are starting to entertain the idea of diamond becoming the next super-material. Ultimately, it will become exactly that and even more. Now with the possibility of laboratory-grown diamonds, the dream is no longer just a dream; some say that there will be a time when we will use this super-material for mass production manufacturing – of prisms, lasers, lenses, precision cutters, and much more. We say the time is now.

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EcoDiamond for Jewellery

Historically, the diamond has been the centrepiece of complete luxury – we are not here to challenge that. We simply see possibilities of expanding and perfecting their creation. EcoDiamond provides state-of-the-art luxury diamonds made just for you, unique and ethically beautiful. The possibilities are endless. Most importantly, each gem is made with a specific purpose for a special someone. No more getting only what you can afford to get – the sustainable manufacturing process of laboratory grown diamonds provides a variety of options on how to make your piece truly unique. Your desire, your vision, and even your own special words can now be engraved in the gem from the first step of the creation. That is what we call transcendent luxury, that completely shifts the paradigm.

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EcoDiamond Technology

We would never hide our innovations behind locked doors. We believe the only way to make diamond manufacturing a household concept is to provide everyone a chance to participate in the revolution. No more will blood be shed and the earth’s resources be diminished – we have found the greatest way to acquire this super-material. Our technology is on the precipice of greatness; we experience constant advancement and are pleased to be able to share it with the world of science and biotech. It takes a few scientists to develop a massive breakthrough, but it takes a cultural revolution to make a real change. Shifting the paradigm is not easy, but together we can change the world forever.

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Infinite Diamonds

In our fast-paced modern world, our objects are haunted by planned obsolescence. Companies design appliances like TVs and toasters to be discarded and replaced over only a few years. Likewise, we do not own many mementos that commemorate the most important moments in our lives; we rarely have something to remember them by. One of our core missions is to help cherish the moments worth keeping, to give everyone a chance to encapsulate their moments of joy. EcoDiamond Infinite Diamonds® are one of a kind – made for a purpose, and made just for you. With the futuristic power of laboratory-growing technology, we are able to produce unique diamonds that can fundamentally encapsulate something irreplaceable: your warmest memories.

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EcoDiamond Infinite Graphite™

The soul of diamond creation lies within the source. The process of growing a diamond is done using HPHT method and the core element of this cycle is based on the recrystallization of carbon source. Carbon atoms from one form are rearranged into a different order, thus creating one of the most magnificent materials on the planet. Any organic substrate is thermally processed and can serve as a source in order form a crystal structure of a diamond. Obtaining of graphite from biomaterials at EcoDiamond is carried out under one roof to ensure not only vast quality control, but also reduces the overall production time of the diamond, as well as allowing the customization of the experience from the very beginning to each customer.

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