Boris starts his work on the technological development of superhard materials, specifically a technique
for diamond color enhancement.


Boris and his team specialize in development of HPHT technology development for large single crystal
diamond growth.


Boris, leading his research team, reaches his first break through – figuring out the final element for the
right conditions for diamond growth. The following years bring more breaking points to the research team
allowing the technology to grow bigger and better diamonds.


After hearing about a guy in Russia working on technology for laboratory grown diamonds, Gints notices a
science seminar in Riga with Boris as one of the guest lecturers. Gints attends the seminar with the aim
to meet Boris. He, obviously, succeeds.


First test laboratory is in development with new addition to the team Andrey Kostyaev as the head of the


In less than 2 years Gints gathers the funding and flies to Budapest to purchase the first two machines
that need to be transfigurated for the new purpose.


Gints travels to Washington DC to meet with Boris to sync the status, in the meanwhile 8 machines have
been assembled and located at the laboratory.


The laboratory goes official and the testing of manufacturing a laboratory grown diamond begins on 10
machines. The results are positive.


The laboratory and the machines relocate to Rostock, Germany. The new factory adds a lot of room for the
laboratory expansion. A partnership with Helmut Rohde is formed.


The factory successfuly works and is expanding by assembling 40 more machines to reach a goal of a 50
unit factory where the testing can be taken to new heights.


EcoDiamond receives support from the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern government in August 2019.


EcoDiamond opens a new branch – a service center in Riga. In addition, 12 new machines in the
cooperation with G&E Verwaltungs UG are added to the machine park.

“Our diamonds are the same as natural diamonds, we just grow them faster”

Gints Zarans, Head of the board & partner

“Yes, they are the same, but often better, expanding horizons of using this ultimate material in
high-tech applications”

We can grow them more pure, structurally more perfect to use EcoDiamond® in electronics, optics, quantum and other applications. It is impossible to do with natural diamonds.

Boris Feigelson, research scientist & partner at GE FAM GmbH

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