Crypto-diamonds: Is it a thing?

We are on the verge of another thing coming – a blockchain diamond.

Crypto madness struck the world in late 2009 and took the world by storm. A new type of investment that involved a large proportion of the world, meaning, anyone could be a part of it. People took it as a new form of payment, a revolution if we may, that shook the financial industry and hasn’t loosened the grip ever since. It all started with money, then it transformed into a property, company shares, and even agriculture. The science behind the blockchain concept allowed to split anything into countless pieces and offer each of it to the general public, inevitably making the society educated on the historical financial system digital alternative – a token. Now when we’re closing in on 2020, there is an even more advanced concept in place by none other than EcoDiamond®.


Yes, you read that correctly, we are on the verge of another thing coming – a blockchain diamond. We are talking about absolute company transparency in a digital domain allowing the company to communicate and distribute information to the public and investors in a more convenient and effective way. This process will allow EcoDiamond® to take a step further in assuring a safe platform for the investors and an oversee-able medium for the diamond growing technology further advancements.


All is just a matter of digitalization. None can live without it, none will. The whole concept of creating a blockchain diamond lies in the hands of process digitalization, not only helping EcoDiamond enter more observable and automated processes, but also open the process to the public and investors. EcoDiamond® is dissecting its processes to advance them into a new, completely new digital environment, after which the STO of the world’s first-ever blockchain diamond will commence.


Being a part of something is a thing we all aspire to, being a part of a revolution is something we all strive to!

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