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Diamond is unique material with unique properties taking a very special place among semiconductor materials as well as among optical and acoustic materials with potential to produce new generations of X-ray optics and detectors, high power electronics, electron emitters, and many other high-tech applications


Finding beauty in science of creation, emphasizing the awareness of sustaining natural resources. Click To Learn More


When one thinks of a diamond, one imagines it as an accessory or jewellery. All too often, we forget that it is nature’s process that has birthed every single carat. From the excavation of massive diamond mines to the blood money that companies sacrifice during these digs, natural diamond harvests only take life and essence away from the world, taking a lot and giving nothing back. EcoDiamond is more than an innovative diamond brand – it represents how we, by all means necessary, are shifting the paradigm to find an alternative to depleting natural resources. There should be no earthly nor human sacrifice necessary to achieve our beautiful diamonds. Instead we will fight for ultimate purity, which is a large part of EcoDiamond’s core beliefs. Our factories are powered by 100% wind turbine electricity, and the core compound technology research finalization will let us make a carbon compound from renewable resources like dried flower leaves. We find beauty in science of creation, practicing only renewable resource solutions. In doing so, we are saving lives and saving our planet.


EcoDiamond pioneers the sustainable system of laboratory grown diamond growing, fighting the mindless exploitation of natural resources and mistreated third-world workers. Click To Learn More

There is no question about the increasing demand of luxury products in the modern world. We at EcoDiamond recognize this demand and battle the majority supply’s method by innovating our own environmentally-friendly and ethical technique. The creation of a single EcoDiamond takes nothing away from Mother Nature, combining science with nature’s renewable resources. Once again, our factories are powered by 100% eco-wind energy, given feminine names in order to remind us of the beauty and power of creation. Diamonds are made from renewable, everyday resources such as dried flower leaves, which are then burned down and made into a graphite from which the diamond is created, making our process unique in that it is environmentally harmless. EcoDiamond pioneers the sustainable system of laboratory diamond growing, fighting the mindless and greedy exploitation of natural resources and third-world country labor. In a healthy world of the future, beauty should never be tied with suffering and sacrifice. EcoDiamond stands for giving back to our planet and we welcome you to be a part of our mission.


EcoDiamond has a mission to save our ecosystem and third-world workers by transforming a complex natural process into something that can easily be achieved in a laboratory. Click To Learn More

Saving the world is the first priority for a forward-thinking society, since nature can’t save itself from the greediness of corporations. EcoDiamond takes on one of many ecosystem-saving pursuits by taking the complex process of natural diamond growing (a multimillion-year process) and transforming it in to a scientific method that is accomplished within the boundaries of a lab. Our scientists have developed a planet-friendly method in which they create diamonds out of graphite – which can be made out of almost any ordinary renewable compost. Our product symbolizes our respect for the planet and its people by providing a million-year-faster, ethical, and personalized way of manufacturing diamonds which will last forever and are made specifically for you.



EcoDiamond eliminates all the impersonality of regular precious stones, by offering anyone a chance to create and acquire their very own custom diamond. Click To Learn More

Natural grown diamonds are made by nature and for nature, not considering people as the consumer of its resource. Made millions of years before us, they are a product of probability and impossible to customize. In contrast, EcoDiamond offers its customers to pick the seed of their diamond out of almost any material they desire, and provides the possibilities of creating any type of diamond a client can imagine! EcoDiamonds® can be grown in any color, shape, texture, and brilliance specifically for the customer. This gives anyone a chance to become the designer of their very own diamond. This way we eliminate any harm that the acquisition of a natural grown diamond can bring to the world, while simultaneously providing a chance for anyone to acquire exactly the type of diamond they are craving for.



EcoDiamond offers a completely new luxury option, by eliminating the step of unethical acquisition. Instead, we strive for absolute purity of beauty, as we create a diamond just for you, forever. Click To Learn More

Custom is the new luxury. Custom is truly high fashion. EcoDiamond destroys the perception of cost dominating style by giving anyone a chance to create their very own custom diamond. EcoDiamond diamonds are the same quality and worth as natural grown diamonds, without the devastating and unethical process of acquiring them. It is an outdated thinking perceiving everything gathered straight from the nature as absolutely pure, when there are so many abused workers and so little natural resources left. EcoDiamond challenges this global mistake by reminding us of the vast and dreadful statistics that prove how unethical the process really is. EcoDiamond offers a completely new perspective – striving for absolute purity of diamonds, with no strings attached. Our diamonds are made for you and only you, without ruining lives, and without ruining our planet.


EcoDiamond’s core purpose is to retain a beautiful legacy. Our method and our diamonds are both created to be inscribed in history forever. Finally, we have a solution for everything wrong about naturally-harvested diamonds. Click To Learn More

The science behind the decade-long process behind our invention opens doors that seem unimaginable to many modern-day industries and technology. This process that our team prophesied years ago has finally reached the light of day. With it comes a total shift of the paradigm. Just like the Galileo’s discovery of the telescope planted a seed for the landing on the moon, EcoDiamond’s scientific advancements with carbon are helping to push humanity forward. It is like mastering alchemy – we are pioneering a bio-tech magic. Our process, combined with true talent and desire to explore the limits, is as real as ever. There’s no telling what our discoveries will lead to next.

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Meet the Father of Our Technology

Boris Feigelson
research scientist

EcoDiamond® technology is based on the works of Boris Feigelson. This ground-breaking Russian scientist developed the B.A.R.S. diamond growth technology while working in the Institute of Monocrystals, in the Siberian Branch of the Soviet Academy of Science, Novosibirsk from 1981 to 1991. His group of researchers was the first in the Soviet Union to manufacture large, gem-quality, single crystal diamonds. He continued this development when he founded the first Soviet single crystal diamond research and production enterprise, Adamas, in Minsk, Belarus from 1991 to 1993 and when he built and worked as director in the Research Center Basis (later called Advanced Optic Technologies) in Moscow from 1993 to 2001. His work was featured in BBC Broadcast: The Diamond Makers, 1999, PBS/NOVA Broadcast: The Diamond Deception, 2000, and BBC Broadcast: Diamond Labs, 2004.

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